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The Document Delivery

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It is possible to ask for delivery of journal articles or book sections that are not available in the library.
Before presenting your request, you must check the university catalog to verify whether the document you are going to request is available in the library.

The delivery service is reserved for institutional users (students, teachers, researchers, doctorate students and university employees), and is free, except for:

  • Documents that the library must request abroad.
  • When the library which owns the documents requires a refund of shipment fees or for the service performed (however there is usually an agreement about document delivery among Italian libraries).

How to apply
Fill out the form that you will find in the software named ‘NILDE’ (it is a software through which Italian libraries are connected and exchange their documents on the basis of an agreement).
To complete the form, you access and register in NILDE.

Conditions of delivery
Delivery is performed through internal mail or through direct pick up of the documents

The library will ask you to pay back a sum only when a payment is requested by the library which sent the document (usually foreign libraries).

Methods of reimbursement
For teachers and researchers, the sum will be added to their research fund; students and external users who own a library card will pay in cash.
External users who possess a library card should check the web page of the University Library System before applying for Document Delivery.

Delivery of documents owned by Library Vallisneri is usually based on a free exchange among libraries connected by an agreement.

Libraries should send their requests:
Via e-mail:

Methods of shipment for libraries and public institutions:
Priority mail / Electronic DD through NILDE 
Time usually needed for delivery is 24/36 hours
Reimbursement, when requested, is 4 euros per article.
The service is free for the documents owned by libraries of Padova University, other libraries which have joined NILDE and other libraries with which it a free exchange has been established.

Contact Person:
Monica Ortolan tel. 0498276013